Internet has become an effective marketing tool used by many businesses with its

  • Ability to communicate messages to the right target audience among over 41 million users.
  • Affordability.
  • Easy-to-measure effectiveness for adjustments in accordance.


  • GAPIT – One of the pioneers of Digital Marketing & Content Marketing in Vietnam.
  • Commitment to providing comprehensive, innovative & affordable solutions for all businesses.
  • Professional working process.

Google Ads Service

Google Ads is an advertising service performed on Google search engines and websites within the Google Network.

5 advertising forms of Google Ads

  • Google Search: Ads shown on Google Search Engine.
  • Google Display Networks: Displaying Images on the display network of Google.
  • Video Ads, Lightbox Ads on the display network of Google.
  • Gmail Ads.

Facebook Ad Service

Facebook Advertisement is an advertising tool allowing businesses to reach their target audience on Facebook based on the multiple criteria, including gender, age, language, country and hobbies.

Forms of Facebook Advertising

  • Clicks to Web: Advertisement encouraging customers to access a website
  • Page Post Engagement: Advertisement to promote posts on pages
  • Page Likes: Advertisement for pages.
  • Website Conversions: Advertisement for increasing conversions on websites.
  • App Installs: Advertisement to increase installation of mobile applications
  • App Engagement: Advertisement to increase engagement in applications
  • Event Responses: Advertisement for Events
  • Offer Claim: Advertisement in which interaction of customers can lead to offer to be claimed
  • Video Views: Advertisement to increase video views
  • Local Awareness: Advertisement targeting at people in the local area of the business

Advantages of Advertising on Facebook:

  • No requirement for the presence of a website to run ads
  • Reach correct target audience files based on criteria set forth by businesses.
  • Support over display ad helping to easily attract more customers.
  • Better ability to build interactions and spread awareness compared to other tools
  • Effective ad placements

Reasons to choose GAPIT?

  • Detailed and Precise analysis of potential customers to create optimal advertising campaigns.
  • Development of creative, impressive and attractive templates and images  suitable for the marketing plan.

Monitoring and analysis of advertising statistics to adjust budget / content / form of advertising during the campaign.

Wifi marketing Service

Wifi marketing is a form of advertising for products / services / brands of the business through customer interaction when accessing to free Wi-Fi Network of businesses


Advantages of Wireless Marketing

  • Easy implementation.
  • Effectiveness through interactions such as Facebook Login, Wifi Share & Checkin.
  •  Brand impression for customers

Reasons to choose GAPIT

  • Competitive pricing compared to other agencies
  • Experience in implementing free Wi-Fi Network

Email marketing Service

Email marketing is email sending services to target customers to introduce new products / services of the business or provide customer care service.


Advantages of Email Marketing

  • Low cost.
  • Increase in brand recognition as the name of the business is used as the sender information.
  • Messages can be sent in large numbers.

Reasons to choose GAPIT

  • Optimization over email efficiency and the ratio of valid emails, etc.
  • Smart management system of lists and email content
  • Support over a variety of features: sharing on social networks, personalization in every email
  • High email sending speed.

Content Marketing Service

Content marketing is content in the form of text or image valuable to the community in order to attract the attention and interest of customers in a particular sector, there promoting a product / service or a brand.

Forms of Content Marketing

  • Standard SEO Articles
  • PR articles
  • News on website
  • Video Clips
  • Brand Stories
  • Infographic

Advantages of Content Marketing :

Content Marketing is friendly to search engines, helping business information to be displayed on the first search page and consequently increase purchases.